Pure Orthodontics

How long will my first appointment go for?

If you have come to us via our traditional pathway, your first appointment at Pure Orthodontics will take approximately 60 minutes. When you come into our clinic for your first visit, Dr Shell will conduct a thorough clinical examination, trace and review your x-rays, and our friendly team will take close-up photos of your face and teeth.

Over the course of the appointment, we will present you with the possible treatment options, including the pros and cons of each, so that you can make an informed decision regarding treatment. We’ll also show you the appliances we use, go through the various risks and complications and provide you with a written quote before you go.  

If you’ve had a tele-health appointment before your first in-office visit, your appointment will be much shorter as we’ve explained many aspects of your care from the comfort of your home beforehand. At your appointment, Dr Shell will perform a thorough examination to confirm your plan, and our team will photograph your face and teeth.

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Email: info@pureorthodontics.com.au