Clear Aligners

With clear aligners, patients can straighten their teeth and correct functional bite problems easily and discreetly. For people who don’t like the appearance of traditional braces, clear aligners are a fantastic way to achieve a beautiful, new smile. At Pure Orthodontics, we’ve made aligner treatment as easy as possible by partnering with Dental Monitoring so that your treatment can even be monitored from the comfort of your home!  This means less-in-office visits, less time off school or work, and greater convenience!

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are removable, custom-made aligners that are nearly invisible, so your friends and family can barely tell you’re having your teeth straightened! Thanks to their superior aesthetics, many patients prefer aligners over braces. Click here to read our clear aligners information guide and here to read the instruction guide.

What Are the Other Advantages of Clear Aligners?

  • You can take your aligners out while you brush and floss, making it easy to maintain excellent oral hygiene.
  • They are removed for eating and drinking, so there are no dietary restrictions.
  • Custom-made clear aligners are close-fitting and comfortable.
  • There are fewer emergency visits compared with braces.
  • Clear aligners require fewer visits to your orthodontist for adjustments.
  • Your treatment can be monitored from the comfort of your home making treatment more convenient than ever before.

There are a variety of clear aligner brands available. At Pure Orthodontics, we use both Invisalign and Spark clear aligners to treat our patients. 

How Does the Treatment Work?

Using our iTero scanner, we construct a digital model of your teeth which is used to carefully plan your tooth movements and make your aligners.  When your aligners arrive at the practice, you’ll come in to get your treatment started.  Attachments, which are tooth coloured bumps necessary for reliable tooth movement, are placed on your teeth.   You’ll also be shown how to use the Dental Monitoring app which carefully tracks your tooth movements. 

Your aligners must be worn for at least 20-22 hours per day to move your teeth effectively. They should only be removed for eating, drinking anything other than cool water, brushing and flossing.

You should wear each set of aligners for one to two weeks, depending on how quickly your teeth move. The data derived from the Dental Monitoring app will tell you when you are ready to move onto your next set of aligners. As you go through the series of aligners, your teeth will move into their desired positions little by little.

The number of aligners you need, and the treatment time will depend on the severity of your bite problem.  Very simple problems can be treated in a few months, while complicated problems can take two or more years.