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At Pure Orthodontics, we are firm believers in the benefits of up-to-date technology. We use the best and most advanced technology in our orthodontic clinic to provide patients with comfortable, effective orthodontic treatment.  Not only are our braces and aligner systems state of the art, but we also proudly utilise remote monitoring services, tele-health and 3-D scanning and printing technologies, which are outlined below. 

iTero Scanner (Digital Impressions)

At Pure Orthodontics, we use iTero scanning technology to provide our patients with the best experience possible and the most efficient and comfortable orthodontic care. 

What is an iTero Scanner?

An iTero scanner utilises optical and laser technology to create accurate digital models of you or your child’s teeth and mouth in just a few minutes.  Safe and simple, the scanner has a wand which is moved around the mouth capturing images as it goes. This state-of-the-art technology provides us with accurate impressions of your teeth we need quickly and easily, which allows our dedicated team to get started on your treatment straight away. 

Alginate Impressions vs. iTero Scanning

Prior to the advent of scanning technology, models of teeth were routinely made using alginate impressions. This gooey gel is placed in the mouth and when set creates an impression of the teeth. Plaster is poured into this impression to create a plaster cast of the teeth.  While still routinely used at many orthodontic and dental practices, we’re proud to say that we’re alginate free because the benefits of iTero scanning are outstanding! The benefits of scanning over old-fashioned alginate impressions include:

  • Increased patient comfort
  • No gagging
  • Fast process
  • No mess
  • Superior accuracy
  • Quick transfer of information to our labs and to our aligner partners
  • The ability to show you predicted treatment outcomes using the Invisalign Outcome Simulator

Why Do You Need Teeth Impressions?

Dental impressions are necessary to assist with treatment planning, particularly in complex cases, and to give us an accurate record of your teeth and bite prior to starting any treatment.  They are also used to custom make a wide range of orthodontic appliances, which are designed by our orthodontist specifically for your orthodontic needs.


Dental Monitoring

We all lead busy lives. Finding time to visit the orthodontist between school, work, hobbies, chores and time with friends and family can be challenging. Fortunately, a busy schedule is no longer a an obstacle to having orthodontic treatment.

With Dental Monitoring, our Orthodontists and their team are able to monitor your Invisalign clear aligner treatment from the comfort of your own home, or from anywhere else you happen to be.  Not only does this minimise the number of in-office visits required, but the incredible artificial intelligence technology incorporated into this system lets you know when you’re ready to move onto your next aligners.  All you need is a smartphone, the Dental Monitoring App and you can get started!

How Does Dental Monitoring Work?

Once you have begun your clear aligner treatment, you’ll be prompted to scan your teeth regularly using the camera on your smartphone which is mounted into the Dental Monitoring scan box we’ll give you. Scans are usually performed weekly, but the schedule will be adjusted depending on how quickly your teeth move. You’ll be guided through the process of taking scans of your teeth both with and without your clear aligners in your mouth. With the data gathered from the Dental Monitoring app, our Orthodontists can track the movement of your teeth, assess your aligner fit, your bite, oral hygiene and so much more.  Did you know that a massive 96 parameters are assessed using the Dental Monitoring system?  If your teeth aren’t moving as expected, our Orthodontists can provide you with feedback via the app to address any problems quickly and keep your treatment on track.

Benefits of Dental Monitoring 

Convenience is the most obvious benefit of using the Dental Monitoring app. However, there are other benefits that patients who use Dental Monitoring enjoy, such as:

  1. Weekly monitoring enables us to keep a closer eye on your progress, compared with the traditional model of in-office reviews every 6- 8 weeks.  If any concerns arise, they can be dealt with promptly, thereby keeping your treatment on schedule.
  2. You only need to come into the office when necessary.
  3. You can message us directly through the Dental Monitoring app at any time, making communication between you and our Orthodontists easier than ever.
  4. Both parents and children can download the app, which enables mums and dads to see how their child’s treatment is progressing.
  5. During these uncertain times, where life is continually interrupted with lockdowns, treatment can continue undisturbed.


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3-D Printed Appliances

3-D printing is a modern technology that allows us to create orthodontic appliances using the digital files created from our iTero scanner. Thanks to advances in 3-D printing, our laboratory can print an incredibly accurate model of your teeth, which is used in the fabrication of your custom-made appliance.  When possible, the appliances themselves are also 3-D printed, enabling us to provide our patients a range of appliances that fit more precisely, require less in-office appointments and are more comfortable than ever before.   We are incredibly proud that we can offer this this cutting-edge 3-D technology to our patients.

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