Pure Orthodontics

Anita Wool

Dental Hygienist

Anita obtained her qualification in dental hygiene at The University of Adelaide in 1992.  Known for her warm, caring manner she quickly puts patients at ease.  One of her favourite parts of working at Pure Orthodontics is watching young patients grow up while receiving treatment. She loves seeing the positive impact that healthier, straighter teeth can have on peoples' lives.

Anita is interested in the role technology plays in making patients' visits easier and more positive, and has been involved in the introduction and implementation of some fantastic digital technology at Pure Orthodontics.   In fact, she’s so good at it that she teaches orthodontists how to incorporate technology into their practices!

When she's not performing her role as a dental hygienist, Anita loves travelling to chilly places, running, reading and meditating. She is a passionate Richmond supporter and is at the footy cheering her team on at every opportunity.

Phone: (03) 9370 3155
Email: virtual@pureorthodontics.com.au